HR On-Call, Employee Relations Consulting

Often HR in small business consists of just one person–or a few who wear many hats and do their best to handle “HR stuff.” Many small business owners, and Office/HR Managers have little knowledge about “HR stuff” and are usually overwhelmed, handling a multitude of tasks such as payroll, workers’ comp, employee leaves, benefits, and juggling a variety of other tasks. And, when tasked with handling employee issues, an inquiry from the Department of Labor, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, etc., many business owners and HR managers can feel like they’re sinking in quick sand…
At RPC, we’ve come up with a better way for smaller employers to get the HR help they need—at a cost that works for small business.
At just $275 per hour, pro-rated to the quarter hour, you can get senior-level, professional HR expertise and guidance–whenever it’s needed. Simply call or email us whenever an employee issue arises, when a compliance question needs answered, or HR assistance is needed. We respond via phone or email within 24 hours—guaranteed.

We have two ways that we work with smaller employers:
Regular, monthly users: We work with some clients on a retainer basis, in which we simply charge a retainer of $1,000 to begin the engagement. Then, we just keep a tally on the time we spend and deduct for the time we have provided consulting. After the retainer is utilized, we simply auto-replenish the retainer with the credit card on file.
Infrequent Users: Other clients, who need our expertise only once in a while, we simply invoice at the end of each month for the time we have provided consulting. Or, if a credit card is on file with us, we simply charge the card at month-end for the previous month’s consulting fees.
Here are a few of the issues we’ve helped our clients with:

  • Explain how to manage, document properly, and discharge an “out of control” employee who was disruptive to business
  • Clearly explain the wage and hour rules regarding how to properly classify workers and avoid DOL investigations
  • Clearly explain how to handle and document a situation involving a poor performing employee–to avoid paying unemployment
  • Provide guidance on how to implement policies and procedures to create structure and consistency in employment practices to minimize employee drama
  • Coach managers–in easy-to-understand “non-lawyer speak” regarding compliance with all the rules and regulations involving managing employees in the United States
  • Provide advice and counsel on how to handle an allegation of sexual harassment–to minimize the risk of a lawsuit
  • Write performance improvement plans, disciplinary letters, and termination letters to ensure documentation is unbiased and non-discriminatory, to ensure compliance with labor and employment laws
  • Coach business owners on how to effectively manage performance and employee relations’ issues

In our experience, smaller employers tend to have very limited knowledge of legal compliance, how to select, train, and develop supervisors, and how to handle poor performing employees. And, this kind of stuff affects business performance–in a very big way. Employee issues are distracting, frustrating, and if not handled correctly, can bring regulatory investigations from the Department of Labor, EEOC OFCCP, etc. and can bring lawsuits.

To learn more about HR On-Call and how we can help, just give us a call at (800) 517-7129 and press Extension 2 for Client Services. You can also click on Download Brochure for a brief overview of HR On-Call and our Client Testimonials.

With our help, we can educate you regarding your compliance obligations, so you avoid the legal land mines. And, we can help you get some HR structure in your business so you have a solid foundation to grow and prosper.