Introduction to HR:
Where Do I Start?

Program Description

This 1.5 day program is an abbreviated version of our 3-day HR for Small Business Program.   This course is designed to provide education to small businesses, with fewer than 50 employees, with a basic overview of compliance obligations and simple strategies that minimize the risk of regulatory investigations, fines, and costly lawsuits.  Attendees will learn how HR functions in a small business, and how to quickly identify compliance issues and determine how to correct them.  Additionally, attendees will learn the most common compliance mistakes made in managing and paying employees–and also mistakes in record-keeping and documentation.


INTRODUCTION: Understanding HR’s role in the organization to add maximum value & figure out where to start.

MODULE 1: Learning the “Alphabet Soup” of Anti-discrimination Laws.

MODULE 2: Understanding Harassment & Retaliation.

MODULE 3: Compensation & Payroll:  Avoiding Common Mistakes.

MODULE 4: Basics of the ADA & Why Job Descriptions are Critical.

MODULE 5: Basics of Recordkeeping & Documentation.

  • Price per person:  $995 (6 person minimum)
  • For New York City and San Francisco, please add $100 per person