The FMLA & ADA Compliance Workshop

Program Description

This 2-day program is one of the most comprehensive training courses available that educates HR professionals and leaders on employer FMLA and ADA compliance obligations.  Attendees will learn the key elements of the laws, how they sometimes overlap in employee situations, and how to effectively manage FMLA and ADA cases to minimize organizational risk.    This program includes a significant number of Interactive Exercises, in which participants will work collaboratively through real-life employee issues and determine how each law applies–and what to do in managing each employee issue.  Additionally, attendees will learn the importance of proper documentation and best practices in managing FMLA and ADA cases.  Specifically, attendees will learn how to spot FMLA abuse and fraud, will gain a brief overview of investigating abuse and fraud, and how to evaluate reasonable accommodation requests under the ADA and how to document and “push back” on requests that are not reasonable.


MODULE 1: Understanding The Family & Medical Leave Act.

MODULE 2: Recognizing Employer Coverage & Employee Eligibility.

MODULE 3: Understanding Leave Entitlements & Military Provisions.

MODULE 4: Handling Medical Certifications & Challenges.

MODULE 5: Understanding Job & Benefits Issues & Avoiding Interference Claims.

MODULE 6: Managing FMLA Abuse, Fraud, and Intermittent Headaches.

MODULE 7: Understanding the ADA & the ADA Amendments Act.

MODULE 8: Defining What Constitutes a Disability Under the ADA.

MODULE 9: Identifying the Value in Well-Written Job Descriptions.

MODULE 10: Effectively Managing Reasonable Accommodation Requests.

  • Price per person: $1,495 (6-person minimum)
  • For New York City and San Francisco, please add $100 per person