Contemporary Leadership: Driving Results & Managing Risk

Program Description

This 1 or 2-day program is specifically designed for supervisors, managers, and small business owners.  Attendees will learn the necessary “how-to” skills in managing employees, specifically how to handle the daily challenges:  employees showing up late for work, how to handle a “slacker” on the team, and in-depth training on how to manage and document “problem-child”employee behavior and performance issues.  Additionally, supervisors and managers attending this program will get clarity regarding their role and responsibilities in supervising others.

The Contemporary Leadership:  Driving Results & Managing Risk training program follows a sports theme, using the game of football in its foundation, so this training is very appealing to more male-dominated work environments.  However, we have provided this training to a variety of organizations, across multiple industry sectors from healthcare to manufacturing.    In the training program, our instructors use phrases such as “flag on the play” to explain misconduct and how the misconduct should be addressed and dealt with, to ensure organizational policies are being enforced.  This is similar to how a coach in the game of football must manage the players on the field, in ensuring that players are following the rules and not inviting expensive penalties that could cost the game.

Supervisors and managers quickly learn in the training what their role and daily responsibilities are in managing people.  After the program, once they return to their work areas, they hit the ground running with the knowledge and “how-to” skills to be much more effective on the job.  And, that managerial effectiveness translates into cost avoidance of regulatory fines, penalties, expensive attorney fees, and expensive litigation.  And, it translates into other metrics, too:  decreases in employee’s calling in sick, decreases in employee turnover, decreases in cases of FMLA abuse, decreases in employee complaints, decreases in EEOC charges, increases in employee productivity, increases in customer/client satisfaction, and increases in revenue and profitability.

This fast-paced program is ideal for front-line to mid-level managers and upper level leaders in smaller organizations who may never have had formal leadership training.    This management training program is the solution for getting managers to “get” HR and why doing a good job of supervising employees and documenting is paramount to success as a leader today.

Our program can be delivered in a variety of schedules, ranging from splitting the training into half-day, 4.5 hour sessions over four days to two, consecutive full-day 8-hour sessions.

For organizations that may have managers distributed across the U.S. or abroad, we also have the ability to facilitate this program as a live-streaming video conference.  To get the training that your management team definitely needs, please contact us at (800) 517-7129 for more information.  We’re available Monday through Friday, 8:00 am – 6:00 pm Eastern time.


INTRODUCTION: Defining Contemporary Leadership

MODULE 1: Managing Risk:  Leading Employees within the Boundaries & Recognizing “flags on the play” in daily management

MODULE 2: Clarifying the Role of Supervisors & Managers

MODULE 3: Setting Expectations:  Clearly Defining Performance Goals and Job Standards

MODULE 4: The Essentials of Performance Management: Providing Feedback without Defensiveness & Drama

MODULE 5: The Leader’s Role in Improving Employee Performance

  • *Price per person for 1-Day Program:  $695 (8-person minimum)
  • *Price per person for 2-Day Program:  $995 (8-person minimum)
  • *Prices are all-inclusive of instructor facilitation, instructor travel to/from the training venue, audio visuals, and all workbooks and materials.  For New York, San Francisco, or sites outside the continental U.S., please call for pricing.
    If greater than 15 people will be attending, a 10% discount is provided on all registration for the program.