HR On-Call, Employee Relations Consulting

At RPC, we’ve come up with a better way for employers to get the HR help they need when dealing with employee relations issues, misconduct, and HR investigations.  At just $275 per hour, pro-rated to the quarter hour, you can get senior-level, professional HR expertise and guidance–whenever it’s needed. Simply call or email us whenever an employee issue arises, when a compliance question needs answered, or HR assistance is needed. We respond via phone or email within 24 hours—guaranteed.

We have two ways that we work with employers:
Regular, monthly users: We work with some clients on a retainer basis, in which we simply charge a retainer to begin the engagement. Then, we just keep a tally on the time we spend and deduct for the time we have provided assistance. After the retainer is utilized, we simply auto-replenish the retainer with the credit card on file.

Infrequent Users: Other clients, who need our expertise only once in a while, we simply invoice at the end of each month for the time and services performed.  Or, if a credit card is on file with us, we simply charge the card at month-end for the previous month’s services rendered.
Here are a few of the issues we’ve helped our clients with:

  • Explain how to manage, document properly, and discharge an “out of control” employee who was disruptive to business
  • Clearly explain the wage and hour rules regarding how to properly classify workers and avoid DOL investigations
  • Clearly explain how to handle and document a situation involving a poor performing employee–to avoid paying unemployment
  • Provide guidance on how to implement policies and procedures to create structure and consistency in employment practices to minimize employee drama
  • Coach managers–in easy-to-understand “non-lawyer speak” regarding compliance with all the rules and regulations involving managing employees in the United States
  • Provide advice and counsel on how to handle an allegation of sexual harassment–to minimize the risk of a lawsuit
  • Write performance improvement plans, disciplinary letters, and termination letters to ensure documentation is unbiased and non-discriminatory, to ensure compliance with labor and employment laws
  • Coach business owners on how to effectively manage performance and employee relations’ issues
  • Conduct investigations into allegations of harassment, discrimination, retaliation, FMLA Abuse, and other types of employee misconduct

To learn more about HR On-Call and our other training and investigative services, just email us at or give us a call at (800) 517-7129 and press Extension 2 for Client Services. You can also click on Download Brochure and to read some of our client testimonials.

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