A comprehensive, “how-to” guide, designed to not only educate HR professionals on the investigative process–but to also identify the root causes to internal investigations, so preventive measures can be implemented that reduce future cases. This practical guide provides a solid process for how to handle allegations of harassment, hostile work environment, discrimination, FMLA abuse, misuse/theft of company assets, employee misconduct, and other typical HR issues. Additionally, this guide will help to dramatically improve skills in conducting witness interviews and reduce the time it takesto actually complete an investigation. Let How to Conduct Internal Investigations: A Practical Guide for HR Professionals be your go-to guide every time you face a challenging employee relations’ issue or a potential violation of organizational policy. Improve your knowledge…improve your confidence…enhance your skills as a professional in learning effective strategies and techniques for properly conducting investigations. In this informative guide, Natalie Ivey, seasoned HR consultant and investigator, leads you step-by-step through the investigative process from initial complaint to conclusion of an investigation. Things you’ll get from this guide: -How to recognize dysfunctional organizational behaviors that lead to investigations, so you can take steps to avoid them -Learn what happens when the leadership “light bulb” doesn’t come on and supervisors fail to enforce organizational policies -Understand the legal obligations that require employers to conduct investigations -Learn how to prepare questions and interview witnesses using the Bulls Eye technique -Learn how to conduct witness interviews to cut through the nonsense, save time, and minimize “he said/she said” cases -Learn how to select appropriate and safe interviewing locations -Learn how to gather the “trifecta” of evidence: documentary, physical, and testimonial -Learn how to manage political interference when handling investigations to minimize negligent retention issues -Learn best practices in handling disciplinary action and terminations to avoid stepping on legal land mines