1.5-Day HR Investigations Training Program

Program Description

This 1.5 day program is an abbreviated version of our 2-day and 3-day workshops.  Attendees will learn the key aspects of the investigative process, how to determine if an employee complaint is just “drama” or a serious issue that requires investigation, and provides basic knowledge of how to conduct investigations, including how to write an investigative report. The 1.5 day format does not include a skills practice workshop. This program is also facilitated virtually and we can accommodate scheduling, such as breaking the training dates out over several days to minimize behind-the-screen time.  Additionally, we can schedule training sessions in order to accommodate team members who are operating in multiple time zones.


1.5 Days | 8 Contact Hours

INTRODUCTION: The Key Drivers of Internal Complaints & Strategies for Improving Organizational Culture

MODULE 1: Employment Law – Understanding Compliance Requirements When Conducting Internal Investigations

MODULE 2: Common Law that Adds Compliance Obligations When Conducting Investigations

MODULE 3: Developing an Investigative Strategy to Manage a Case Effectively

MODULE 4: Conducting Witness Interviews to Cut Through the Nonsense & Get to the Truth

MODULE 5: Conducting the Initial Meeting with Leadership – Managing Politics

MODULE 6: The Do’s & Don’ts of Writing an Effective Investigative Report

*Cost:  $1,195 per person
*Groups larger than 10 please contact us as we provide discounted pricing for groups larger than 10.

For questions regarding the program and to register for the program, please contact us at (800) 517-7129 Ext. 2 for Client Services.  Or, email us at info@hr-investigations.com
Please note that we do not currently have any publicly scheduled 1.5-day programs; however, we are booking groups such as HR and ER teams for this program.  If you are in need of training just for yourself, please check out our Upcoming Events page for a list of our current events.