1.5-Day HR Investigations Training Program

Program Description

This 1.5 day program is an abbreviated version of our 2-day and 3-day programs.  Attendees will learn the key aspects of the investigative process, how to determine if an employee complaint is just “drama” or a serious issue that requires investigation, and provides basic knowledge of how to conduct investigations, including how to write an investigative report. The 1.5 day format does not include a skills practice workshop. This program is also facilitated virtually and we can accommodate scheduling, such as breaking the training out over several days to minimize behind-the-screen time.  Additionally, we can schedule training sessions in order to accommodate team members who are operating in multiple time zones.


INTRODUCTION: The Key Drivers of Internal Complaints & Strategies for Improving Organizational Culture.

MODULE 1: Employment Law – Understanding Compliance Requirements When Conducting Internal Investigations.

MODULE 2: Common Law that Adds Compliance Obligations When Conducting Investigations.

MODULE 3: Developing an Investigative Strategy to Manage a Case Effectively.

MODULE 4: Conducting Witness Interviews to Cut Through the Nonsense & Get to the Truth.

MODULE 5: Conducting the Initial Meeting with Leadership – Managing Politics.

MODULE 6: The Do’s & Don’ts of Writing an Effective Investigative Report.

For pricing, please contact us at (800) 517-7129 Ext. 2 for Client Services.  Or, email us at info@hr-investigations.com