Program Description

This 2-day program is a more in-depth program, providing greater emphasis on how to recognize dysfunctional organizational behaviors that contribute to employee complaints and investigations.  What you will learn are the key aspects of the investigative process, how to determine if an employee complaint is just “drama” or a serious issue that requires investigation, how to interview witnesses using the Ivey Bulls Eye technique and deal with reluctant and hostile witnesses, and provides more in-depth discussion on how to combat political interference in investigations.

A key component of this 2-day program is the Interactive, Skill-Building Workshop.  This provides an experiential learning environment, in which participants apply the newly acquired knowledge of the investigative process.  Participants will work collaboratively to investigate an allegation.

Throughout the practice session, participants receive education on how to use the tools and techniques to prepare for interviewing witnesses, gathering testimonial, documentary, and physical evidence, and how to analyze and compile data.  The instructor will provide feedback and coaching on the group’s ability to use their investigative tools, their ability to ask effective interview questions, and document appropriately.

Once the practice investigation has concluded, participants are then challenged with how to determine appropriate courses of action that will minimize organizational risk.  The instructor will provide guidance to enable participants to think beyond the immediate investigative case, and to learn how their actions, or lack of taking appropriate actions, can significantly impact the organization and create liability.


INTRODUCTION: The Key Drivers of Internal Complaints & Strategies for Improving Organizational Culture.

MODULE 1: Employment Law:  Understanding Compliance Requirements When Conducting Internal Investigations.

MODULE 2: Common Law that Adds Compliance Obligations When Conducting Investigations.

MODULE 3: Developing an Investigative Strategy to Manage a Case Effectively.

MODULE 4: Conducting Witness Interviews to Cut Through the Nonsense & Get to the Truth.

MODULE 5: Effective Case Management – Managing the Politics.

MODULE 6: Organizing Evidence in Preparation for Writing the Investigative Report.

MODULE 7: The Do’s & Don’ts of Writing an Effective Investigative Report.

MODULE 8: INTERACTIVE, SKILL-BUILDING WORKSHOP:  Conducting a Practice Investigation

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